チャクラ ビラワ

Pop Culture & Technology Project Management Learner

Greetings! My name is Cakra and I am a technical project manager at Streamline Studios Malaysia. I have a B.Eng degree in Computer Engineering and over five years of experience in managing complex technical projects across various platforms and genres.

In this portfolio, you will find some of my works that showcase my skills and achievements.

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Who Am I?

I’m a passionate aficionado of pop culture who aspires to join the industry as a creative force 😎.

Game Producer Dreamer

I am passionate about joining the game industry and contributing to the creation of games that will delight and entertain many people.

Pop Culture "Researcher"

A self-proclaimed researcher who loved to analyze and critique the pop culture product.

Emerging Bud for Future Leader

I aspire to become a leader in the creative industry and make a positive impact it as a future leader.

Producing and
Creative Minds

Currently working in Streamline Studios Malaysia as a Technical Project Manager managing a game projects.

As a Technical Project Manager at Streamline Studios Malaysia, I oversee the development and delivery of game projects. 

With a Computer Engineering degree and a passion for cutting-edge technology, I have always been fascinated by the game industry. I have also gained valuable experience in leading diverse and creative teams across various domains, from events to artistic works. I believe that being a great leader requires understanding the details and challenges of each task. 

That’s why I strive to learn from every step of my journey and share my insights with my community.

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Maigc of Entertainment 2018 Game Development Competition 3rd Winner

Political policy-making simulation game.

Made in the year of political party election, it was showcased to inform that making a policy at a higher level will have unintended consequences for another party. The game was created in 2 months and submitted to MOE 2018 Game Development Competition. In this game the player needs to pick a policy that will impact the city that you manage, what will you do? Will you please the opposing party or the society?
Genre: Simulation
Engine: Unity
Team Size: 3
Duration: 8 weeks
Platform: PC
Role: Project manager & Game Designer
Recognition: 3rd National Winner at Magic of Entertainment STMIK KHARISMA Makassar (2018)


Global Game Jam 2019 (Yogyakarta) Result

Simple puzzle mystery game.

A Global Game Jam 2019 Yogyakarta event participant to make a quick game and created under 48 hours. In this game, the player needs to find all the clue within the mansion and solve the mystery within. 
Genre: Puzzle, Mystery
Engine: Unity
Team Size: 5
Duration: 48 Hours.
Platform: PC
Role: Game designer


House of Technology 2.0 Smart Device Competition 2nd Winner

Smart device concept for trash bank.

Alternative modern solution for the current existing trash bank program in Indonesia. Previously every client needs to visit the respective area and wait till the trash bag is being weighted. But with SOBAT, client and operator flow will be much faster and automated. The client just needs to put trash in the trash bin and the result of their conversion will be displayed on their account. It was made under 2 months for the smart device competition at HOLOGY 2.0.
Software: Arduino IDE
Sensor: Loadcell
Team Size: 3
Duration: 8 weeks
Platform: Web-based application
Role: Project manager
Recognition: 2nd National Winner of Smart Device Competition at House of Technology 2.0 (2019)

Other Highlighted Projects

Animazine Seasonal Magazine

A seasonal magazine that focus on showcasing Japanese pop culture highlight and recommendation.

Bincang-Bincang Pop Kultur Malang

A community-based panel discussion about pop culture influences on our lives.

Moe Daigaku Artbook

A special artbook to showcase an anthropomorphic version of a Faculty at Universitas Brawijaya

ONI Matsuri

A yearly Japanese festival from Bogor Public Senior High School 7 Japanese extracurricular.

"Endless imagination with countless result of possibilities"

– Cakra Bhirawa

Highlighted Activities

Omamori no Shichi

Impacting student who's interested in Japanese language and culture to be more active. (2015-2016)

Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Komputer

Encourage breaking tradition to pursue a better communication between department.

Foreign Language, Arts, and Culture

Establishing a community to provide an environment for student to learn and explore foreign language and culture.

Dai Kazoku Community

Embracing our love interest with Japanese language and culture.

Every little things matters.

Ever wonder the story behind my activities to projects? Don’t worry because I write little by little what I learn during handling it. You can check the detail and key take away that can be learn along the way in the link below.

Work Experiences

Technical Project Manager

Streamline Media Group (Streamline Studios Malaysia)

Streamframe is a cloud-based development platform that provides software development, compliance management, and administrative tools to maximize Metaverse projects.


As a project manager, I’m  responsible on managing project within the Streamframe.

Working Experiences: 9 Month

  • Coming Soon

Project Executive

XTREMAX Indonesia

Xtremax is a digital company based in Singapore that focuses on creating innovative digital solutions. The services vary from managing services to SaaS solutions.

As a project executive, I managed projects and bridging a multi-national developer team for a government agency.

Working Experiences: 9 Months
  • Managing changes for 18 web-based maintenance projects with a multinational developer team and delivering them with the user in mind.

Social Media Admin

KAORI Nusantara

KAORI Nusantara are one of the leading website for Indonesian anime culture and creative economy news. It has a daily visitor of nearly ten thousand.

As a social media admin, I was responsible on managing our social media by updating it daily and creating a creative content.

Working Experiences: 2 Year

  • Wrote 199+ articles around news, review, and opinion on the creative industry.
  • Created over 500+ creative content.

Student Employee

Faculty of Computer Sciences Universitas Brawijaya

Multimedia, Game, and Mobile Laboratory is one of the research lab at Faculty of Computer Sciences Universitas Brawijaya that focused on developing games and mobile software.

As a student employee, I was responsible in the game division to research and develop a educational game.

Working Experiences: 1 Year
  • Maintained multimedia, game, and mobile laboratory on a daily basis.
  • Handled 2 game development projects as a project manager and game designer, documented the document for future development update.

Other Experiences & Skills


  • February 2020 – December 2020: Japanese to Indonesian Freelance Translator


Speaker and Presentations.



Awards & Achievements

I’ve been lucky and grateful that I have achieved an awards along the way!

"One out of 150 undergraduate students were awarded out of 17,106 applicants nationwide."
"One of the participant from SMAN 7 Bogor, Indonesia participant."
"Awarded as the outstanding student on character education."