My first attempt at presenting my idea as a game designer

During this time and opportunity, I try to explore different kinds of games that I wanted to build by making it a simple game but interactive. At first, I believe if I wanted to start a game development then I need to scope small because I don’t know about my team capabilities, and by trying to scope small I can learn time by time what’s our current limit. As often a feature creep is the most common dilemma why many games are never published. Here’s the list of my proposed games:

  •  Tricker Run, is a classic 2D platformer game that will make people angry and interested because of it will be a lot’s of “trick” behind it.
  • Warka, is a simulation management game where the player can be a head of a canteen in a campus, in which they managed and planned how can they manage their canteen
  • Bentars, is a simulation public transportation route, where the player needed to continue providing the necessary need for commuters to commute.

Sadly I couldn’t continue this journey with Raion, but I had a lot of fun here with my mentor to be able to explore game design.

Entering Raion Academy 2017 to Learn About Game Development as a Game Designer

Attempting to enjoy my campus life is the greatest thing that I have chosen during my time. There’s a lot of freedom on what can I do here, and at last the faculty club recruitment day is almost near. One of my dream clubs Raion, which is a game and app development club is holding a pre-recruitment session called Raion Academy. A small steps for a new student to grasp what is like to be in Raion.

I choose to be a game designer because I wanted to try to propose a game that I wanted to make at that time.

Warka! is one of the example from the early GDD that I made during Raion Academy.
Key Takeaway