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Volunteering & Organizational Activities

Below are the projects and works that I have created together and alone, feel free to see it.




Organizational Participation

Little by little building trust and connection within an organization.

FLAC Community

Foreign Language, Arts, and Culture Community were founded in 2019 to establish a new organization that provides a learning and collaboration environment for student at Universitas Brawijaya in the field of foreign language and culture. As the founder and president director of the board committee, I’m responsible to build the first foundation for this organization to be everlasting continuity and to give an early result of how can this organization become beneficial for the student.
(2019 – 2021) 


Universitas Brawijaya Computer Engineering Undergraduate Student Association is an organization focused on developing and improving the Computer Engineering student in the field of academics and non-academics. I was appointed as the vice head of the Communication and Information Department, in which I managed to simplify and organize the workflow by introducing a one door system for all content related to internal or external publication.
(2019 – 2020) 

DAI KAZOKU Community

Dai Kazoku or in terminology translate into a large family is a community-based organization that focused on providing a space for Faculty of Computer Sciences students to interact and explore more on the Japanese language and culture. I was the founder and community leader, as the early development of this community, I created the foundation and internal event to support our friendship between members across majors and age.
(2017 – 2019) 

Omamori no Shichi

Japanese language and culture extracurricular that was founded as an independent extracurricular from the Foreign Language Club in SMAN 7 Bogor. I was the founder and leader for the early terms of this extracurricular, in which I focused on introducing ourselves publicly and internally.
(2015 – 2016) 

Brawijaya Visual Works

The society for the study of modern visual culture in Universitas Brawijaya or to be called Brawijaya Visual Works is a community-based organization that intended to study and explore the pop culture industry. As the early founder and chief of editor I was tasked to manage 4 department and  encourage the productive creation of product for each creator.
(2017 – 2018) 

Optiik UB

Optiik UB’s an organization focused on learning and developing Faculty of Computer Sciences student in the field of photography and design. As an intern, I was assigned to provide a creative content to our social media and showcase the potential of member in this organization.
(2017 – 2018) 

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Organization is like a working gear, when something isn’t working as it should, it will break apart, read the story of my journey in many organizations.

Volunteering Action

Participating as a public volunteer to ensure the event flow.

Comic Frontier

The largest comic market in Indonesia that attract more than 15,000 visitors. As a ticketing staff volunteer, I helped the flow of ticket and line entrance to the site.
(2017 – 2019) 

Ennichisai: Little Tokyo Blok M

One of a kind special event held in Jakarta by the local Japanese people in Blok M region. As the Chika area volunteer, I helped to manage the crowd situation in the area.

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Why participate as a volunteer? Why take action? Take a look at behind the action.

Social Impact

Impacting society by helping their needs.

KIRANA Project

Social volunteering act to inform how to engage in a new normal world during COVID pandemic for the orphanage.

FLAC Mentor

One of the mentors at FLAC that teaches English language and writing steps for newcomers.

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Always do a good deed in any situation, impacting isn’t just a value but a benefit for them.